The status

The status

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EU nationals will get evidence of their status only in digital form, no physical document will be issued to them. They will control who they wish to share this with and will be able to continue to use their passport or national identity card as proof of their identity and nationality and, until the end of the implementation period, of their right to live and work in the UK.

Biometric scan

Additionally, non EU family members granted status under the EU Settlement Scheme who do not already hold a biometric residence card issued under the EEA Regulations, will also be issued with a biometric residence document. This will provide them with a convenient way of evidencing their status to those who may need to see confirmation of it, such as an employer, landlord or service provider.

5 years

Holders of pre-settled status will need to maintain their continuous residence in the UK and, in the case of non EU family members, their family relationship, in order to qualify for settled status, generally after five years here. In the meantime, they will continue to have the same entitlements as now to work, study and access public services and benefits, determined according to the same rules as now.

passport gates

EU citizens granted status under the scheme will be able to travel to and from the UK using a valid passport or (at least until 31 December 2025) a valid national identity card.  Non EU family members granted status will be able to travel to and from the UK with a valid passport and will not be subject to a visa requirement; their re-entry to the UK will be facilitated by any biometric residence document issued to them under the scheme.

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Holders of settled status under the scheme will be able to apply for British citizenship provided they meet the other requirements:

  • Those who are married to, or in a civil partnership with, a British citizen can apply as soon as the get their status
  • People who had indefinite leave to remain (ILR) granted in another capacity for at least 12months and this had not lapsed or been revoked can apply immediately.
  • Holder of permanent residence (PR) cards can apply 12 months after the date when they acquired the right of permanent residence
  • Individuals who do not fall into any of the above categories may apply 12 months after the date on which they were granted settled status under the scheme.


Settled status under the scheme will be Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), granted under Appendix EU to the Immigration Rules. It will have some more favourable provisions than ILR as it exists under the Rules

  • Holders of settled status (indefinite leave to remain) under the scheme will be able to be absent from the UK for five consecutive years before their status lapses. This compares with the absence from the UK of two consecutive years before indefinite leave to remain lapses.
  • EU citizens with settled status or pre-settled status under the scheme will be able to be joined in the UK, at any time in the future, by close family members resident overseas at the end of the implementation period on 31 December 2020, if the relationship existed at that date and it continues to exist when the person wishes to come to the UK.
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