How to apply

How to apply

Get ready to apply


Special provisions apply to the following groups:

Indefinite Leave to Remain

People who have been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) do not need to apply for settled status under the scheme, provided their status has not lapsed through absence from the UK of two consecutive years or longer, nor has it been revoked or invalidated. However, they may do so to benefit from the terms of the scheme. These applications will be free of charge.

TIPApplicants who have been in the UK since before 2006 should dig up old passports and residence permits and check them for ILR stamps.

Permanent Residence (PR) card holders

Holders of Permanent Residence (PR) cards will have to exchange them for the new status and will be able to do so free of charge, provided their status has not lapsed, or it has lapsed through an absence of two consecutive years but not more than five consecutive years. They will be exchanged free of charge, subject only to criminality and security checks, but the assessment of residence will not be repeated.

Applicants will need the following:


You need to be able to access the internet, using a desktop computer, laptop, notebook, tablet or smartphone.


You will need a valid passport or European Identity Card or a biometric residence card or BRP for non EU nationals.


You will need a recent photograph of yourself or the facility to take one using a webcam on your computer or the built-in camera on your tablet or smartphone.


If you have a National Insurance Number, it can be used to identify data from HMRC and DWP records that would establish your residence in the UK.


If your National Insurance Number does not identify enough data to establish residence, you will need to provide additional evidence of residence, such as P60s, bank statements, council tax bills or utility bills.


You will need a credit or debit card to make payment online.

Identity and nationality verification

Applicants will be required to prove their identity and nationality. EU citizens can do so with a valid EU passport or national identity card. Non EU family members can use a valid passport or valid biometric residence permit (BRP) or biometric residence card issued under the EEA Regulations.

Alternative evidence may be accepted if an applicant does not have these documents due to circumstances beyond their control or where there are compelling compassionate reasons.

Applicants will be able to provide evidence of nationality and identity either

As part of the digital process
Using a smartphone app to read the details off the chip of a biometric document. This can be a personal device or one at a location established for the purpose of facilitating the use of the app for those without a suitable device or those who need help.
By post
Using a secure postal route. The documents will be checked and returned as soon as possible to minimise the time spent without them, even when other aspects of the application may require further consideration.

Photos and biometric data

All applicants will need to upload a digital photo of themselves to verify that they are the same person as the on in their ID documents. This should be a passport style photo but NOT the same photo used in their passport.
Biometrics (non EU family members only)
Non EU family members who have not been issued a biometric residence card or a BRP will need to attend an application centre to enrol their facial image and fingerprints. Non EU family members who hold a valid biometric residence card or BRP will not need to do this.


Automated checks of HMRC and DWP data will be carried out in the first instance, to establish continuity of residence for five years.

  • If the applicant is an EU citizen and the automated checks of indicate that they have been continuously resident in the UK for a period of five years, they will be granted settled status (indefinite leave to remain), subject to criminality and security checks. The majority of people who have been working should be able to establish residence in this way.
  • Where the automated checks do not show continuous residence for five years, the applicant will be able to upload documentary evidence of continuous residence for five years, or evidence of being in one of the categories where residence in less than five years is possible.
    REFSee Special cases and Proof of residence
  • Applicants who are EU citizens do not need to rely on being family members of other EU citizens except in specific circumstances.
    REFSee family members
  • If the applicant is a non EU citizen without a permanent residence (PR) document, in addition to evidence of residence, they will also need to provide evidence of relationship.
    REFSee family members.

Fees and payment

Applications are free for:
  • Holders of a Permanent Residence document (PR card)
  • People who had been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)
  • People who had previously been granted pre-settled status
  • Children looked after by local authorities
Application fees are:
  • £65 for people aged 16 and over
  • £32.50 for children under 16 unless they are looked after by a local authority

Provisions are being made for the application process to be completed on behalf of a person without the capacity to complete it themselves.