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Awareness is key!

It is crucial to ensure that everyone applies, and we should all do our best to raise awareness of the need to apply. As can be seen in the article quoted below, there is a distinct possibility that some people may be left behind.

EU and UK fags
There are fears that some don’t realise they have to apply to remain in the UK.
Children, vulnerable people and those confused by post-Brexit citizenship rules are at risk of “catastrophic” disruption if they are unable to secure the right to remain in the UK.
There are growing concerns that, as the Brexit date nears, thouands of EU nationals living in the UK still do not realise they have to apply for settled status to be allowed to remain in the country.
Some who have lived here for many years, during which time they have worked and paid taxes, believe this is enough to guarantee their status and are unaware of the settled status scheme set to be introduced in March.
Other groups of people deemed ‘vulnerable’ – such as victims of trafficking, domestic violence or mental health disorders – could avoid applying to the Home Office due to fear or because they do not have access to resources and information.

Who is at risk?

  • Examples of people highlighted in the Migration Observatory report include:
  • People who do not realise that they can and need to apply (children, long term residents, people who think they are not eligible or fear being rejected)
  • Vulnerable groups (victims of domestic abuse/exploitation/trafficking, children in care, people with mental health problems)
  • People with barriers to accessing or understanding the system (limited English, elderly, disabled people)
  • People who cannot provide evidence.

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